Residential Grid Connected PV Systems
California is an ideal location for solar energy production. Significant incentives are available to homeowners that make going solar far more than just an environmental and socially responsible opportunity.
The Cost of a Residential Solar System
The price of installation for a solar PV system can vary significantly depending on the size of the system (thus power generated) and complexity of construction. In terms of dollars spent vs. dollars saved, most residential solar systems pay for themselves within 7 to 10 years. Costs for residential systems start at approximately $12,000 (after rebate).
Government Incentives
Significant financial incentives are currently available to encourage adoption of renewable energy in California. The California Solar Initiative (CSI) offers a rebate, which covers 20–30% of the total system cost.

Residential solar systems are also currently eligible for a $2,000 federal tax credit.
Own Your Electricity
You own your home. Why are you renting your energy? Generate your own energy rather than giving your money to a utility. During the day any solar power generated by your system that is not used within your home is routed to the utility grid for credit with the utility. When your solar power system sends excess power to the utility your meter actually spins “backwards” which generates credits on your account. As a solar power owner you will be considered a “customer generator” by the utility and the utility is required, by law, to purchase any excess solar power your system produces until your bill is eliminated.

The cost of a solar power system is a fraction of what you will pay the utility over the years. Currently, you are throwing money away by sending the utility a check month after month, year after year. Each year, each season, utility rates increase. Stop the cycle. Install a solar power system and free yourself from burdensome electricity bills. Turn your electricity into an asset, rather than a liability.
Reduce or Eliminate Your Electric Bill
By investing in solar for your home, you are able to set the price of your future electricity for up to 25 years. Your solar system will help offset the highest tier electric cost, with the potential to reduce your bill by 75% or more.

Protect Yourself From Rising Electric Rates
Electric rates in California have historically increased by more than 6% per year, however high energy users have seen substantially greater increases. Due to a sharp rise in demand, electricity prices are escalating all over the world. Diminishing domestic resources, raising fuel prices and new environmental protocols, further accelerate energy inflation and the destabilizing of energy markets.

Add Value to Your Home
A solar PV system will increase the value of your home by the pre-rebate amount of the system, without increasing your property taxes. The Real Estate Appraisal Journal demonstrated that the property resale value of a solar system to be 20 times the annual cost of energy saved.

Solar Power is Cheaper
Investing in a solar PV system is equivalent to prepaying for 30-40 years of electricity at a fraction of the cost you currently pay. In terms of dollars-per-kilowatt-hour ($/kWh), solar energy is much cheaper than what you are charged by your utility. As utility rates continue to rise, the savings becomes greater over the life of a solar system.
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